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SeeStorm software products enable Synthetic Video communication on mobile and PC platforms

SeeStorm Products

SeeStorm Technologies

SeeStorm for Mobile Services

Server software for Mobile Operators, System/Service Providers and Content Aggregators.

SeeVoice converts voice traffic into value-added multimedia services with amusing Avatars naturally animated by user's speech.
The product is delivered in one of the two configurations:

SeeVoice can be integrated with other platform solutions and services to build various enhanced end-user services with talking heads.

SeeStorm for PC Conferencing

SeeStorm for VoIP:
Software product for SoftPhone/Instant Messenger Developers and VoIP/Video Conferencing Service Providers.

SeeStorm visualizes on-line voice conversations via talking Avatars animated by speech flow, at NO video streaming. SeeStorm enables real-time Synthetic Video conferencing on top of VoIP.

We recommend using SeeStorm on top of TeamSpiritTM voice conferencing engine software from SPIRIT DSP, a global leading provider of embedded voice and communication software products.

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