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SeeStorm SeeVoice:

Mobile Messaging and other Value-Added Services
with Talking Characters (Animated Avatars)

SeeVoice server software product converts recorded voice into synthetic video. SeeVoice automatically generates video clips with Talking Characters (animated Avatars) speaking the recorded voice fragments.

SeeVoice visually enhances the most popular voice and text services, and converts them into next-generation multimedia entertainment, and brings new attractive opportunities for P2P multimedia messaging itself:

SeeVoice thus enables Service Providers and Mobile Operators to additionally capitalize on the common basic services while providing their subscribers with a new multimedia experience.

Delivery of various subscribed content by avatars, as well as mobile marketing, are also possible applications of SeeVoice product. Any pre-recorded voice or text message can be converted to synthetic video with an avatar and sent to users in such an engaging form. So, other sample SeeVoice applications are:

  • Avatar podcasting - non real-time infotainment services (info channels)
  • Mobile marketing
  • - delivery of ads or promotional content by avatars

This is how avatar services based on SeeVoice server software product work in general:

SeeVoice for Mobile Avatar Messaging

The synthesized video can be, for example, sent to mobile recipient as a multimedia message (MMS) or downloaded via WAP/GPRS or other type of Mobile Internet. Other mobile services with animated avatars are also possible.

Avatars for SeeVoice-based services can be created with SeeStorm's avatar authoring software tools which are delivered with SeeVoice.

A unique option of letting users create their personal avatars is also available. SeeStorMe, SeeStorm's innovative solution for automatic creation of Talking Characters in 1 click from just 1 photo, can be integrated with SeeVoice as an additional option.

There is also an option to automatically create avatars from 2D mixed photo collages. Photo collages where user's face is put into another background photo, are created by SeeStorm PhotoMix software, also fully automatically.

Avatars are animated with LipSync, speech-to-motion animation technology, based on SeeStorm's proprietary Phoneme Recognition technology. LipSync animates characters by the incoming recorded voice, or, in combination with a Text-to-Speech (TTS), by text messages.

User voice recorded for avatar animation can be changed to keep privacy or for more entertainment. This option is enabled by SeeStorm Voice Disguise which can be integrated with SeeVoice as another additional option.

Learn more about how SeeVoice solution for avatar messaging works.


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