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SeeStorm for VoIP Market Players:

Bringing Real-Time Synthetic Video Experience to PC Users

SeeStorm's innovative software product for real-time PC-based communication via Talking Heads (Avatars), enables synthetic video in VoIP conferencing. This product is designed for:

  • SoftPhone or Instant Messenger Makers
  • Voice/Video Conferencing Service Providers
  • Collaboration Systems Developers

SeeStorm software trans-codes voice into synthetic video in real-time, making voice conferencing visual via Talking Avatars, which can be created from any portrait image, including user's own.

Users acquire the unmatched possibilities of look control, role-play or just fun - without any technical burden inherent to common streaming video, i.e. poor quality, traffic increase and only as-it-is picture. Synthetic video is not streamed, so it is always of excellent quality, it does not affect traffic, while using an Avatar enables people to always look nice and attractive.

In case a perfectly integrated ready-to-go solution is required to power both synthetic video + voice in IP communication, we recommend using SeeStorm Synthetic Video on top of TeamSpiritTM voice conferencing engine software from SPIRIT DSP, a global leading provider of embedded voice and communication software products, mother company of SeeStorm.

SeeStorm Benefits for: