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SeeStorm for VoIP:

PC Synthetic Video Conferencing with Talking Characters (Animated Avatars)

SeeStorm software enhances conventional PC voice conferencing with real-time Synthetic Video.

SeeStorm synthetic video solution bring the style of business and personal communications to the next level where people can appear in front of the audience not in the way they really ARE, but in the way they WANT, or NEED or REQUIRED to appear.

Video is synthesized from voice flow, by real-time animation of 3D characters (avatars). Avatars naturally articulate the speech and can express human emotions.

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Synthetic Video in VoIP Conferencing

The key benefits of synthetic video conferencing arise from its two main features:

1. Avatars are used instead of an "as-it-is" streaming video, so you are able to:

  • Freely choose the right digital appearance for the moment
  • Always look nice and attractive, in the proper background
  • Keep privacy and enjoy role-play
  • Get rid of web cameras which often make people feel uncomfortable
  • Have video with a talking head instead of a black screen or a still image

2. Video is synthesized and NOT streamed, so -

  • Real-time visual communication is possible with NO video streaming
  • No traffic boost occurs
  • Video quality is always excellent
  • Any network bandwidth is OK
  • No video equipment is needed

That is why synthetic video goes beyond plain streaming video, providing added value both to home and corporate users. SeeStorm provides complete software solution for real-time synthetic video communication.

This SeeStorm's solution is designed for VoIP Software Developers (including SoftPhone/Instant Messenger applications) and VoIP Service Providers and it can run on top of any VoIP software.

We recommend using SeeStorm on top of TeamSpiritTM voice conferencing engine software from SPIRIT DSP, a global leading provider of embedded voice and communication software products, mother company of SeeStorm. TeamSpirit™ ensures excellent voice quality in any VoIP communication, either P2P or multi-point.

SeeStorm synthetic video engine and TeamSpiritTM voice engine are tightly integrated to power IP conferencing, providing exceptional user experience with voice and synthetic video. To supplement it with conventional streaming video, Video engine from SPIRIT is also available.

Avatars are animated in real-time by the speech stream with Lip Sync, speech-to-motion animation technology, based on SeeStorm's proprietary Phoneme Recognition technology.

As a live demonstration of SeeStorm for VoIP solution, please try our free end-user application for real-time communication via 3D talking characters: SeeStorm for Skype. You will need two PCs with both Skype and SeeStorm for Skype installed.

Custom avatars for Synthetic Video conferencing can be created with SeeStorm's avatar authoring software tools.
There is also an option to let users create their personal avatars, with SeeStorMe - SeeStorm's innovative solution for automatic creation of Talking Characters from just one 2D photo, or from a 2D photo collage, which can be created with SeeStorm PhotoMix software that automatically puts user's face into any background or style.

Learn more about your benefits from SeeStorm product.

SeeStorm for Skype

Try SeeStorm for Skype
as a free live demo of real-time Synthetic Video for VoIP