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SeeStorm Mobile Server products

for Mobile Operators, System/Service Providers and Content Aggregators

SeeStorm enables mobile services with 3D Talking Characters (animated avatars).

Avatars are animated automatically by user's voice - thus synthetic video is generated. So voice conferencing is converted into synthetic video conferencing, and voice messaging (voicemail) is converted into 3GP video messaging.
Avatars articulate human speech and express emotions, bringing fun and roleplay to mobile users.

Mobile avatar-based services help Mobile Operators to gain new users, prevent churn, and convert voice into video traffic - and thus contribute to overall revenue increase.
Mobile System and Service Providers benefit from delivering this outstanding solution for synthetic video communication to Operators and/or End Users.
Mobile marketing agencies acquire a next-generation advertising media (at a low creation cost) - compelling Talking Avatars.

SeeVoice, SeeStorm's product for mobile market, is complete ready-to-go operator-grade server software, delivered in one of the two configurations - for synthetic video generation either by pre-recorded or by streaming voice:

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SeeStorm Products

SeeStorm mobile products