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SeeStorm PhotoMix

SeeStorm PhotoMix automatically puts human face onto any background image. Can you imagine Santa or Superman with your own face? You do not have to be a professional designer to do it, SeeStorm Photo Mix makes an attractive photo collage in just one click.

People are always interested to see their faces in the favorite movie or in other appealing environment. PhotoMix saves a lot of time by letting user to simply email a photo to a service center, instead of messing around with sophisticated graphic software.

SeeStorm offers to Content Providers a powerful software to build attractive services for creating personalized emotional collages and use them as greeting cards, wallpapers, screensavers, posters, etc.

The process of mixing is very simple for end user, as he only has to provide a photo and choose the background where he wants to put it - all processing is handled automatically by SeeStorm software. The pictures are mixed in a smart way, with necessary resizing, smooth edges and adjusted colors.

The backgrounds for mixing can be images with human faces, animals, or cartoons. Content Provider gives users a choice of attractive background images for high-quality mixing.

Another PhotoMix application is creating collage cards with some fancy pattern elements (flowers, tears, hearts, etc.) precisely superimposed on User photo.

SeeStorm software can also make the initially neutral mixed image smile, wink, or express sadness, surprise, and other emotions.

Picture-based services with amusing PhotoMix collages will acquaint mobile users with new kind of entertainment and thus will make the ground for introduction of full-functional services with creation and exchanging real 3D talking heads.

So PhotoMix can be an easy first step to the variety of avatar-based rich multimedia services.

Please try PhotoMix demo see yourself in a fancy background!

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