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One-click completely automatic creation of 3D character from a single photo allows millions of users create their 3D characters and use them, in particular, in wireless communications. SeeStorMe product makes creation of 3D character very simple for end user, and thus makes 3D character messaging services suitable for the mass market.

Automatic avatar creation from just 1 photo is based on SeeStorm proprietary patented Face Feature Extraction technology, which analyzes the face image and finds the key face features (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, face outline, etc) completely automatically, without any user intervention.

SeeStorMe uses the facial key points to automatically create a customized 3D character with the face of the uploaded personage by mapping the photo to the 3D model. Avatar can also be created from a mixed image made with SeeStorm PhotoMix.

SeeStorMe supports nearly any human head 3D models. 3D models of non-human creatures (animals, fantastic creatures, etc.) can be also supported with some customization.

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